edu-larp project
Fiume Crisis is an edu-larp project funded by the Erasmus+ Program and run by three organizations from three EU countries, Parallel Worlds from Hungary, Terrible Creations from Croatia and Altera Cultura in association with Terre Spezzate from Italy.
Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds Foundation is a Hungarian cultural NGO, founded in 2018 with the main focus on live-action roleplaying. The main mission of Parallel Worlds is to write, design, run and promote live-action roleplaying, role-playing, and immersive experience design methods in Hungary. The foundation organizes and supports related events, immersive productions, and interactive trainings.
Terrible Creations
A team of experienced designers that has been working together since 2014 and was responsible for countless good times employees from companies from Croatia and abroad have had on numerous occasions. We specialize in facilitation, applied learning through storytelling, and shaping a narrative in which each individual gets their own story and their own place as the protagonist. We are especially interested in designing and developing games that can be used in informal and formal educational processes.
Altera Cultura
Altera APS is a cultural association founded in 2001 from the collaboration of workers, students and teachers of Turin and its nearby areas, with the purpose to understand and critically discuss the political, cultural, artistic and social changes of the society in which we live. Since 2006, Altera has been registered in Arci in the Turin Territorial Committee and belongs to the network UCCA (Unione dei Circoli Cinematografici dell'Arci). Since 2015 Altera joins the newly born network of associations Casa Arcobaleno, which brings together about 20 associations from Turin engaged in human rights and defense of minorities within a cultural space in the Porta Palazzo neighborhood, strongly characterized by migrant communities. Altera operates in the field of cultural promotion and action, stimulating new forms of participation and active citizenship, pursuing an ethic of confrontation, civil coexistence and the principles of democratic legality.
Terre Spezzate
Terre Spezzate is an artistic collective of game designers; since 2006 it has been producing larp events both entertainment-focused and exploring themes such as: totalitarianism of the 20th century, feminism, civil war, racism, ww2, home terrorism. Their experience in developing international larp with an angle on historical and social issues.

Project funded by the Erasmus+ Program.
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