Live-action Role-playing
What is larp?
Larp is form of role-playing game in which participants physically act out their characters' actions. Imagine walking into a movie, but you are not an actor and there is no script and there is no audience. The story and the outcome depends on your decisions and actions.

Originally an acronym for Live Action Role Playing, but today it's used as name in itself. It refers to a type of interactive game or storytelling in which the players assume a role and act as a character within the set fiction. It can be described as theater without an audience or script.

Live Role-playing Events

We organize immersive adventures. Do you want to play, organize, help, or volunteer? You have ideas or just want to join our quest?

Community Events

Do you want to be part of our community? Do you have ideas or a presentation to share? A game to test? Come and show it to the community. We run workshops, meetings for the larp and the immersive community.

Team-Buildings and Trainings

Do you have a business and you want to gamify a part of it? Do you lead a team and you want to have a memorable team building? We do corporate retreats, team buildings, trainings, conferences etc
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