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An Edu-Larp Project
Fiume Crisis
The Fiume Crisis project focuses on creating live-action roleplaying scenarios that use the context of the vibrant and chaotic era of Rijeka's history following the First World War to reflect upon our present issues of political radicalization, populist rhetoric, and propaganda.
Fiume Crisis - project website
Edu-larp design project co-funded by Erasmus+ and the European Union
The Field of the Cloth of Gold
A Meeting of Monarchs
The year is 1520. Two of the most famous Kings of Renaissance History are meeting for the first time. Henry VIII of England and François I of France welcome you to the Field of The Cloth of Gold! During this live role-play event, both kings will bring their courts to the French countryside to celebrate their friendship and renewed peace. Become part of the French and English courts at the dawn of a new era where political intrigue, outrageous decadence, and insatiable sins await...
7-10 April 2022, France
Co-production with Charmed Plume Productions
Website: https://www.meetingofmonarchs.com/

Fashionable Dictatorship
Fashionable Dictatorship is a live roleplay set in the 1970's invoking the feel of the Kádár-era communism in Hungary. Players can explore the contrasts and stereotypes of Goulash Communism and the hypocrisy of the socialist elite. You can take part in a unique fashion show by Clara Rothschild, "the Red Dictator of Fashion." In cooperation with Open History, and the Hungarian National Museum.
Fb event for Fashionable Dictatorship
October 17, 2020
Previous Projects
Here are the projects we have produced or been part of producing:
The Ashcroft Manor
An immersive role-play event inspired by the the atmosphere of Agatha Christie. As a player you can take part in a soireé, where you can dance the Charleston, play bridge, listen to jazz and take part in a private viewing of the latest silent movie.
Incidently you can also try to solve at least one murder. Maybe you will find the culprit or maybe your crimes will be uncovered?

Murder mystery inspired by Agatha Christie's novels
For up to 50 players with pre-written characters
Overlapping personal stories are making up a narrative where each player can feel like a hero in their story
Timeframe: 6 hours
Location: Writer's Villa

The Final Game
A murder mystery larp taking you to the 1920's. You can experience roaring twenties and explore all of the stereotypes from the Prohibition era from swing music all the way to Agatha Christie. You can play poker, try to solve a murder case and maybe, just maybe you will be a bit scared too. The characters are mostly upper class people attending an illicit underground poker evening in somewhere in the United States in the 1920s.

Style: Murder mystery roleplay
Inspirations: Agatha Christie, H.P. Lovecraft
Timeframe: 4-5 hours
For 10-12 players

Lemuralia - Budapest Below
There are some forgotten places in Budapest, where time has remained old, where things and places have remained unchanged, like a bubble in amber. In these places you can get through the cracks to the Other Budapest, which is a strange world where the city is haunted by the spirits ancient inhabitants, forgotten legends and things.
The guests and the museum staff at the opening of the National Museum are confronted with something quite peculiar and frightening. Between ancient tombstones and sarcophagi they move to another world… Will they ever be able to return?

Lemuralia is a short urban fantasy chamber larp, in which you can experience the meeting of two worlds, Budapest above and the Other Budapest. You can meet Roman spirits, you can discover mysteries in the Roman lapidarium of the National Museum.
Style: urban fantasy live role-playing game
Game style: chamber larp / chamber larp
Inspiration: Neil Gaiman: Neverwhere, Roman Mythology and the Underworld
Time frame: 3 hours
Players: 15+ people
Keywords: Ancient Rome, ghosts, urban fantasy
Once upon a time in the future, mankind has finally mastered the art of time travel. A new era of peace, love, harmony and glory to mankind has... unfortunately not arrived, as the world is about to end.

This larp consists of a meeting in the Royal Society of Time Travelling Ladies And Gentlemen that will discern which members are behind the paradox that has doomed the universe. The twist is that, of course, ALL of the time-travellers are responsible for some paradox or another. But which one is relevant?

The clock is ticking…

Genre: light science-fiction, time travel story
Inspirations: H. G Wells, Dr Who, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,
Original larpscript by the Norwegian Larp Factory
Total time use: 3 hours of game time, 1 hour workshop
Number of players: 10-20

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