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Are you interested in game and experience design? Do you want to be part of a community?
Trainings, Workshops, Meetings and Game Days
Larp Meetup Series
Knowledge-sharing and discussion about live roleplaying for players, organizers and anyone who is curious. Join us if you are curious about how others play, write, run and organize games. You would like to share your experiences. You would like to think about larp beyond it's entertainment value. You are looking for people to co-organize or to throw around ideas. You want to know more about larp and get to know the community.
Larp Meetup #2 - Player Experience - February 2020.
Larp Meetup - November 2019
Story Game Meetup
Join us for a story game meetup! Try new games, meet new people and learn about story games. We will play role-playing games that focus on story, creative participation, and collaboration.
Story Game Meetup - February 2020
Story Game Meetup - January 2019
Trainings, Workshops and Learning
Learn English with Story Games
English Adventures
We use the power of storytelling for language learning. English Adventures is an experience-based interactive method that immerses you in a story. At our English workshops you can be the hero of a story.

English Adventures
LarpJam - Game Design Workshop
How to write 3 larp scenarios in a few hours? LarpJam is a collaborative game design workshop where we will create live role-playing (larp) scenarios. No game design experience is required to apply, if you are interested in role-playing games, feel free to apply!
LarpJam - Game Design Workshop - June 2018
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